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Between cic triple advantage(12.95mo), mni credit report services(11.95 mo) and easy saver(14.95) all for nothing, tried canceling two months ago and still being charged every month.What do I do?

E-mailed each of them, and still no luck. Short of canceling the credit card can't seem to get any satisfaction. What have other people done to get positive action? Should not have to go thru such headache to cancel a simple request.

Afraid to search the web anymore, afraid someone will sign me up for something I don't want.Help me.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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correction to the id badge number it is 2 5 7 1 8


After just reading all of this I feel lucky in a way.It had been over a year since i had to call them twice and try to cancel, when i noticed their charges on my account!They first charged me 19.95 then went to 12.95!

after talking with a woman who told me her name was valery and her extension was 6292- the original number dialed was 877-297-7790; i was told that she would only refund one month of service which she deemed to be the 12.95. I told her it was unacceptable and if she was unable to help me that i would need to speak to her superior. Then after a short time on hold I was given to a Carol ( the supervisor who's id badge is 25718)told me that she would refund about half of the money wrongfully taken from my account!(99.75) out of 203.35 which was the total taken.I then asked about the remaning money and was told to write a letter to this "consumer relations group" which has no phone number or physical address apparently! so I'm sure this is just a rabbit hole to waist my time and tire me out to give up!


I will persure this till i get ALL of my money that was wrongfully taken!!!!If i find out anything new I will post it!

Argos, Indiana, United States #106254

I think the service is great.


i am pissed off tooo!i got charged twice this month in the amount of 43.80!

It was like wth!

so i called the 877-481-6825 and had it all cancelled because no where trial did it state that i would be charged that amount one week into the program!they are fruads and i hate them!

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #23826

I recommend a class action law suite against this company.The case will be relatively easy to win as they have been documented by thousands of people taking the same fraudulent actions.

All those with documentation of recorded phone calls, e-mails and/or cases involving over $100, please consider and include contact info.:(

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #21577

I thought I was the only one, but when I canceled this 2 monts ago, the charge did not go away, I now get billed 2 times a month. I am contacting the State to file a complaint. Maybe if the states go after these people, it will stop!

Bristol, Georgia, United States #20127

I called the company at *67-949-567-38XX (choose a random #).You will not get someone who can help, but you will speak to someone.

If lots of people call their offices, we will waste time. Ask for a number to call.

Ask for a director.If nothing else, we can make them pay us for the fraudulent charges with their wasted time.

Deerfield, Michigan, United States #18662

never used this cic or free credit report . called credit card company issued me a new card and still have charges on it from cic and should not . have no idea how they got my credit card number the first time and do not know how they got it now

Clearlake Oaks, California, United States #15989

These guys are awful. This just happened to me also. I called them today and asked that they cancel my account. I am very worried, based on all of the information I have seen online, that they will not.

This was all part of, which is supposedly a part of Experian. Amazingly shady for a business owned by a Credit Reporting Bureau.

I spoke with one of their Customer Service Representative today and he was not very pleasant.

Bay Springs, Mississippi, United States #14476

I just noticed this charge on my bank account today for $14.95.So I called the number and told her that I wanted to cancel my membership.

But then she tried 3 times to get me to keep it, telling me that they had posted various updates to my credit report and telling me that I should log in and view them. And when I said that I didn't have my access code, she said that she would be happy to get it for me.

I I had a mini blow-up (which I never do) and finally she canceled it.Still waiting for that email to come through confirming this...

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