CIC Triple Advantage - CIC credit continues to rip me off

Duluth, Georgia 0 comments

CIC keeps billing me month after month.

How do I make them stop!

I signe dup for the free service and they keep charging my credit card.I have called them and they act like they do not know what I am talking about.

These people are dirt-***. I hope that other people read this amd learn not to use this rip off service.

I am contacting the attorney general to file an official complaint; maybe then someone will have to pay a big fine and or go to jail Either way, I hope CIC and the people in charge get into big trouble.They should be ashamed!

CIC Triple Advantage - These people are *** and this is fraud

San Jose, California 0 comments

about 4 months ago i went throw freecredit and put my credit card number in the system i paid 24.95 for all 3 credit scores and that was okay but then after i received credit report i cancel the subscription so my account woulnt be charged every month for 14.95 they started to charge without my autorazation called the bank told them now they are doing investagation with this company also if you did this with your bank card you should cancel that card and get a new one..these *** people dont get it when you say cancel this membership....................................

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CIC Triple Advantage - Another Pissed Off Consumer

Newmarket, New Hampshire 0 comments

I was scamed by Triple Advantage ,free credit report my ***!!When I called to cancel on 3/14 I followed all the tips and was told I would be refunded,which I was, only to be charged again a week lateron 3/26 This is obsurd,I cant believe this company is getting away with this B.S.There's got to be something more we can do to put a stop to this,I am so PISSED!

I called my bank only to find out it would cost me 35.00 to put a stop payment that would be good for 180 days.I was also told to go to the branch and file an affidavid of fraud.Wish me luck!

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CIC Triple Advantage - THEY ARE A FRAUD!!!!

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment
Not resolved




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I love how you say they're not very smart but yet you're the one who put credit card info into something that said free, if it says free and asks for your credit card it's probably a good idea to see why don't ya think???? they treat people like you like you're an *** because you are!!! :grin

CIC Triple Advantage - Hopefully my cancellation request works this time!!

Houston, Texas 2 comments
Not resolved

So we signed up at 8 months ago. We were also told to call (877) 481-6826 so that we could cancel it by December 20, 2007, so that we would not get charged. Around the same time, we signed up for Triple Advantage on our credit card. When we received our next bill, we thought that the CIC*Triple Advantage was apart of the Account Secure Plus.

Fast forward about eight months later.. today, 8/25/08, I called to cancel the Account Secure Plus. Well thats when I found out that the CIC Triple Advantage was not apart of it and that it was separate. I called my credit card company to get the number.

I called (877) 481-6825 and spoke to "Juan Vargas Employee #4836". I questioned what CIC Triple Advantage was and he said, "". I told him that I canceled the service before Dec. 20, 2007 to avoid charges and received confirmation # 157160484. He said "They had no record of that confirmation number or any kind of cancellation for that account". He put me on hold and returned saying " His supervisor, Sarah, authorized a refund of $59.80 to out account". I was about to say okay and be done with it, but I realized that was only the equivalent of 4 months at $14.95/mo. So I said I refused to accept that amount of refund and wanted the full 8 months of unauthorized charges to be refunded to my account, which is a total of $119.60.

I went on to say that I had canceled the account before and it was never canceled and the confirmation # "isn't in the system" and I'm canceling it again for a second time. What is going to happen if I'm getting this second confirmation number from him and in a month or two, I get more charges, then call back and am told the confirmation number that you gave me is "not in the system". He said that wouldn't happen this time, but they could not refund the full amount. I replied with "Well I researched this company while talking to you and I have read numerous complaints on internet sites and on the BBB website. I refuse to get screwed over by this company. If you can't refund the unauthorized charges to my account, then let me speak to someone who can".

He put me on hold and returned saying that his supervisor, Sarah, has authorized us to receive the total amount of $119.60 to be refunded to our account in 7-10 business days. I told him they " better be or else I will take further action." So hopefully it works this time.. we'll see...

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yeah I tried for a couple of months because I had my car stolen and I thought I might have personal information (social security #) in it.Nothing happened with my social so I tried to cancel.

But they never canceled it. I had the exact same problem with them. I spent about an hour or so on the phone on hold or being transferred to other people. Finally I got about 2/3 of my money back, (only 2 of the 3 months I wanted to get back.) I posted a warning on bbb and I still to this day never got all of it back.

They lie and steal your money.Don't trust them!


Same scam...Call 877.481.6825 to speak to CIC Triple Advantage.

CIC Triple Advantage - Charged mn=oney every month for free credit report and refused to refund it!

Westminster, Colorado 0 comments
Not resolved

We had the common problem with CIC Triple Advantage or was just trying to check our credit score before buying an auto, and somehow got roped into this scam of them taking out thirty bucks a month from our checking account.

I am pretty sure that I never signed up for anything that would charge me for nothing! I called the standard phone number and got next to no results. This is what you do to get ALL of your money back. Call your bank and start the dispute process.

Call the Federal Trade Commision (877-ftc-help) or got to their web site and file a complaint, you will get a complaint number (keep this # handy). Call your local BBB, and your State Attorney Generals office. You can leave messages, they need to know about this. Next call this number;888-888-8553.

This is the same company for CIC, but a different call center! They resolved the issue, after I told them about the banks dispute, the FTC complaint #, The BBB and the State Attorney General,and refunded about $120 back to my account, the total amount they took from us! They were pleasent, polite and it only took about 20 minutes to take of the problem!

Good Luck!

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CIC Triple Advantage - I want a full refund

Phoenix, Arizona 4 comments
Not resolved

When I entered your company website, I never approved of my credit report and I never received a credit report.I am not paying for something I never wanted in the first place.

I changed my mind before I moved to the next instructions. I have no idea how your company thought they could just take my number off my debit card without my permission. I want my full refund. I also want a refund from the charges from my bank.

Because your company took money out of my account, it gave me an negative balance of -60 dollars.

It's because of your unlawful charge and the extra charge for not having enough funds in the account.

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i went this suff to stop pleas you are t :(


i have no idea whats going on i asked for FREE credit reports , and then i get billed. life lock sent me to free credit reports. i will get in touch with then , and my credit card co.


Yeah, I'm LIVID right now.Same thing here.

When you type CIC Tripple Advantage in the yahoo search bar, it's all talk about complaints, scams, fraud, etc.I'm canceling my card right now.

Chatham, Pennsylvania, United States #27733

The same thing happened to me!They have been charging my account for months and I never understood what it was, but at the time i made good money and didnt look into it..

now that im broke... and noticed a negative balance in my bank account, I looked it up. Seems to be a lot of people having this problem. I called the website's toll free number and cancelled my account.

I also asked to be reimbursed for the charges and the woman would not do it, I asked to speak to a supervisor and she would not connect me.

My next step is going to the bank..and getting this sorted out.

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CIC Triple Advantage - 8 months later still charging

Raleigh, North Carolina 2 comments

these people are still charging me after 8 months.every couple of months i would call and cancel and yet they keep billing me!!

i finally asked for the name of the guy and his operator number so next time i will know who to blame. i also asked for a refund and was told it was not possible. never again, never again. if anyone is even considering this service, don't do it!!

i regret it and you will too!

they are a very shady company, hard to even find a phone number for them to begin with, long wait time, rude operators that keep trying to sell you the service over and over even though you told them quite plainly you want to cancel - no exceptions!!!



Check when they charged your credit card. If they charged you less than 9 days after you signed up for the "free" credit report, they violated their terms of service and must refund your money. Worked for me

North Java, New York, United States #24107

They were charging from my account as well.It was every 2 weeks for $14.95.

I called them to cancel it.But after reading all these complaints, I went to do a further step of cancelling my debit card and ordering a brand new one.

CIC Triple Advantage - Customer reps will not give you a last name

Norfolk, Virginia 0 comments
Not resolved

I called the number to cancel this 'service,' and since they do not return e-mails, my bank needs proof that attempts to cancel the acct were made. Upon informing the rep that I was recording the conversation (per CA state law) to take to the bank if they did not process the request, I was told they could not continue the phone call "for security reasons." That's funny, the automated voice when you call their 877 number says "calls may be recorded..."

When I was transferred to a supervisor, she refused to give me a last name and threatened to end the call if I had not stopped recording. She also refused to tell me their branch location and only mentioned California. Which is funny, because with the 3 other people I was transferred to, it felt a lot like I was talking to Indian call center employees.

This company is run by ***-- never give a CC number for a FREE credit report.

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CIC Triple Advantage - Didnt cancel fee

Phoenix, Arizona 16 comments
Not resolved

Between cic triple advantage(12.95mo), mni credit report services(11.95 mo) and easy saver(14.95) all for nothing, tried canceling two months ago and still being charged every month.What do I do?

E-mailed each of them, and still no luck. Short of canceling the credit card can't seem to get any satisfaction. What have other people done to get positive action? Should not have to go thru such headache to cancel a simple request.

Afraid to search the web anymore, afraid someone will sign me up for something I don't want.Help me.

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correction to the id badge number it is 2 5 7 1 8


After just reading all of this I feel lucky in a way.It had been over a year since i had to call them twice and try to cancel, when i noticed their charges on my account!They first charged me 19.95 then went to 12.95!

after talking with a woman who told me her name was valery and her extension was 6292- the original number dialed was 877-297-7790; i was told that she would only refund one month of service which she deemed to be the 12.95. I told her it was unacceptable and if she was unable to help me that i would need to speak to her superior. Then after a short time on hold I was given to a Carol ( the supervisor who's id badge is 25718)told me that she would refund about half of the money wrongfully taken from my account!(99.75) out of 203.35 which was the total taken.I then asked about the remaning money and was told to write a letter to this "consumer relations group" which has no phone number or physical address apparently! so I'm sure this is just a rabbit hole to waist my time and tire me out to give up!


I will persure this till i get ALL of my money that was wrongfully taken!!!!If i find out anything new I will post it!

Argos, Indiana, United States #106254

I think the service is great.


i am pissed off tooo!i got charged twice this month in the amount of 43.80!

It was like wth!

so i called the 877-481-6825 and had it all cancelled because no where trial did it state that i would be charged that amount one week into the program!they are fruads and i hate them!

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #23826

I recommend a class action law suite against this company.The case will be relatively easy to win as they have been documented by thousands of people taking the same fraudulent actions.

All those with documentation of recorded phone calls, e-mails and/or cases involving over $100, please consider and include contact info.:(

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #21577

I thought I was the only one, but when I canceled this 2 monts ago, the charge did not go away, I now get billed 2 times a month. I am contacting the State to file a complaint. Maybe if the states go after these people, it will stop!

Bristol, Georgia, United States #20127

I called the company at *67-949-567-38XX (choose a random #).You will not get someone who can help, but you will speak to someone.

If lots of people call their offices, we will waste time. Ask for a number to call.

Ask for a director.If nothing else, we can make them pay us for the fraudulent charges with their wasted time.

Deerfield, Michigan, United States #18662

never used this cic or free credit report . called credit card company issued me a new card and still have charges on it from cic and should not . have no idea how they got my credit card number the first time and do not know how they got it now

Clearlake Oaks, California, United States #15989

These guys are awful. This just happened to me also. I called them today and asked that they cancel my account. I am very worried, based on all of the information I have seen online, that they will not.

This was all part of, which is supposedly a part of Experian. Amazingly shady for a business owned by a Credit Reporting Bureau.

I spoke with one of their Customer Service Representative today and he was not very pleasant.

Bay Springs, Mississippi, United States #14476

I just noticed this charge on my bank account today for $14.95.So I called the number and told her that I wanted to cancel my membership.

But then she tried 3 times to get me to keep it, telling me that they had posted various updates to my credit report and telling me that I should log in and view them. And when I said that I didn't have my access code, she said that she would be happy to get it for me.

I I had a mini blow-up (which I never do) and finally she canceled it.Still waiting for that email to come through confirming this...

Empire, Ohio, United States #14341

Call them and DEMAND cancellation of the service! 877-481-6825. Demand a refund since they neglected to cancel as you requested. It seems like they pull this sort of this ALL the time.. Also ask to speak to a supervisor, and don't believe them when they tell you "there is no higher-up because we're all on together". That's what I was told and I called back later and spoke to someone else, and all of a sudden there was such a thing as a supervisor! They will not prove to be very helpful though. They will only give you an address (a PO box!) to write or fax your complaints, but no phone number, but on the BBB complaint form, they give the phone number of "Robert Fosmire" of Consumer Relations Group in Irvine, Ca, as 1-888-888-8553. This is the place where they have you write your complaints, so this must be the guy who "reads" them... Trust me, they've got millions of complaints and angry customers, so that's why they don't give out any phone numbers for you to call.

By the way, has anyone EVER received any emails from these people?! I believe I was lied to when they said they've been sending emails this whole time, and I told them that was NOT the case. They said the reason I haven't gotten them was because I typed my email address as ".om" instead of ".com" which was ABSOLUTE B.S.!! I've NEVER made that kind of typo before, and I have to type my full email address numerous times a week, not to mention having to type ".com" every time I go to a...

PLEASE be sure to complain to the BBB and to the FTC and to anyone else you can think of..

Also, the BBB rating of "B" is misleading. Keep in mind that these are their ratings, from highest to lowest: AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, C, D, F. The BBB is a company as well, and they want to paint their members in the best light possible to ensure future membership. The only "bad" ratings in their eyes are D and F, which is a bit ridiculous..

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Toluca Lake, California, United States #13227

I have sent the a EMail canceling the service,but this did not prevent them from billing my checking account twice for 14.95 each time.I want a refund & Triple Advanta to stop billing me as I quit the same day.George Hayes

Toluca Lake, California, United States #13226

I have sent the a EMail canceling the service,but this did not prevent them from billing my checking account twice for 14.95 each time.I want a reund & Triple Advanta to stop billing me as I quit the same day.George Hayes


I had an account with and all I had to do to cancel it was call the phone number 1-877-481-6825.She told me the monthly fee of 12.95 was for having them monitor my credit report and notifying me of any changes made to it by email.

In my opinion, it was a rip off and I am sorry that I spent so much money on it.If you are past your "free 30 days", then you agreed to pay the fee and therefore all you can do is cancel the account to prevent further charges.

Alliance, Nebraska, United States #4751

Call them directly and ask to have it canceled. Then ask to have the last month's refunded. I just did that and the person was very nice about it.

Call 877-481-6825 They will ask for the cc number it is being charged they can look up the account.

Vandalia, Missouri, United States #4665

In reference to your "free credit report"...Unfortunately the one effective recourse you have is to call your credit card co. issue a fraud report and change your card's always a lot of work for the consumer but our only way to fight back...

They (CIC) have made millions of dollars with their "get your free credit report" ads...they can afford to out wait you if you choose to do nothing; don't wait for then to do the honorable thing, protect yourself.!

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